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Standards of Course Taking

Standards of Course Taking

These standards are according to “National Taiwan University Academic Policies”, “The Regulations of Graduates and Ph.D School” (The latter ones were approved by the second academic conference in 1994 academic year) and the acts were approved by the Department of Economics.

 1.  Students of the in-service master’s program are not applicable to the “Graduate Students’ Course Taking Standards”, which normal students are applicable to.

 2.  Year of Study: The in-service master’s program is from minimum of 1 year to maximum of 4 years.

 3. Graduation Credits: Students of the in-service master’s program should at least finish 32 credits aside from graduation thesis and summer basic courses (Basic Quantitative Methods, Basic Microeconomics and Basic Macroeconomics).

 4. Credits Wavier and Transference:  Based on “The Selections of National Taiwan University Academic Rules and Regulations”, students of master degree program who used to take courses in other schools can apply for credits wavier and transference up to ½ of graduation credits. However, students of the in-service master’s program are not applicable to this rule.

5. Standards of Passing: The full grade of every subject is 100 points. Ones who do not achieve 70 points would fail, and the credits would not be granted. There is no make-up test for the failed subjects.
 6. Voluntary Suspension: Students of the in-service master’s program can apply for voluntary suspension for one academic semester or one academic year. In total, it should not be over 2 academic years. Ones who do not conduct the formalities of reentry or continuing voluntary suspension are seemed as withdraw automatically.

7. Courses
  1. The required subjects for students of the in-service master’s program who admitted after the academic year of 2009 are: Price Analysis (1,2,3), Income and Employment Theory (1,2,3), Positive Economics and Forecasting (1,2,3. Each of these three courses are 3 semesters. There are 2 credits and 1 additional hour for practice lesson in every semester), and Seminar (There is 1 credit for each of the 4 semesters). In total, there are 22 credits. In addition, at least 10 credits of selective subjects held by the in-service master’s class are required.
  2. All courses with numbers (1,2,3) are allowed to finish unorderly only under the permission of the instructor. Yet, the course of “Seminar” is excepted.
  3. “Seminar” is the 4-academic-semester required course for the students of the in-service master’s program.
  4. Students of the in-service master’s program who would like to graduate in the 4 academic semesters of study must be approved by the Committee of In-service Master’s Program after presenting thesis publicly.
Precautions for Course Selecting
  1. First year students should take the following 4 required courses: “Price analysis 1”, “Income and Employment Theory 1”, “Positive Economics and Forecasting 1”and “Seminar”.
  2. Third year students planning to graduate in certain semester must finish the course of “Master Thesis” in the planned semester. If students are not able to complete the master thesis in the semester, “Thesis writing” would be marked on the transcript. 
  3.  Based on the record of the first conference of Committee of In-service Master’s Degree in 2011 academic year (2011/07/21), if students of in-service master’s program selected over 1 course, limited under 3 credits, of normal Economic department’s students’ course (the courses name without “U”, but except normal student’s seminar and I-Sian Lectures), the extra credits would be included in total credits, but not in graduation credits (32 credits).
Precautions for the In-Service Master’s Program:
  1. According to the record of the fifth conference in 2007 academic year of the Committee of In-service Master’s Program on 2008/07/30, due to the limited time resources of advisors and to give the better quality of education, the students of each advisor would be 4 same-grade students as maximum.  
  2. According to the record of the second conference in 2009 academic year of the Committee of In-service Master’s Program on 2010/04/06, students who are absent for over 5 times (including taking a leave) in the semester, the subject would be failed.