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Requirement in Graduate Programs

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Master Degree Program:

Subjects Credits
 Introduction To Quantitative Method (數量方法入門) 2
 Microeconomic Theory I (個體經濟理論I) 4
 Macroeconomic Theory I (總體經濟理論I) 4
 Econometric Theory I (計量經濟理論I) 4
 2 Fields (at least 2 courses in each field) (兩個專門學門)
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 Seminars (at least 2 semesters) (專題討論) 2
 Minimum credits required 32

PhD Degree Program:

Subjects Credits 
Introduction To Quantitative Method (數量方法入門) 2
Microeconomic TheoryI,II (個體經濟理論I,II) 8
Macroeconomic TheoryI (總體經濟理論I) 4
Econometric Theory I,II (計量經濟理論I,II) 8
Seminar in Methodology of Economics (經濟學研究方法) 2
2 Fields (at least 8 credits in each field) (兩個專門學門)
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Seminars (at least 8 semesters) (專題討論)  8
TOEFL iBT 79 above ( TOEFL CBT 213 above or TOEFL PBT 550 above) or Online English for Postgraduates() (NTU Curriculum Number: AdvEng7003  
PhD Students Qualify Test (資格考)  
 Minimum credits required 48

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