Assistant Professors SunTak Kim and Eunbi Ko in the Department of Economics, NTU, cohire a full-time RA

  • 2019-09-09
  • Shang-Yu Chen

Assistant Professors SunTak Kim and Eunbi Ko in the Department of Economics, NTU, cohire a full-time RA

【Company name
National Taiwan University, Department of Economics
Assistant Professor, SunTak Kim and Eunbi Ko

Full-time administrative assistant with a bachelor or master degree

【Job content】
1. Handling administrative affairs and the reimbursement related to research project or teaching.
2. Assist two Korean professors to understand the email notices and official documents from the department or university (no need of full translation, briefing is ok).
3. Assist two professors in maintaining the teaching website (need not have the skill of writing programs, but if you have the skill, it is also good; not major maintenance jobs, only minor helps).
4. Other assignments related with research (help running experiments, collecting and arranging data, again minor jobs and expected to work with main research assistant; no business trip required).

1. Graduated from any department/university (foreign degree can also be considered)
2. English proficiency

【Woring place】
Department of Economics in College of Social Sciences, NTU. (No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Da'an District, Taipei City. Near the Technology Building MRT Station)
(You will have your own office space shared with other assistants, but not with professors)

【Working duration】
From the actual date of employment until 31st July 2020 (negotiable and not a guarantee for one year).
Work hours 8:00-17:00 or 9:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday with lunch break for an hour.
Contract can be renewed in the next year depending on the work performance and the funding of the project.

【Days off per month】
Weekends and national holidays

In accordance with NTU's standards:  https://bit.ly/2KUHHZ8
First year for bachelor degree: 32,466 TWD/month
First year for master degree: 37,132 TWD/ month

【Number of openings】

【Contact person/ Contact method】
If you are interested in this position, please send your resume, autobiography, transcript or other supporting materials to wuchiasui@ntu.edu.tw, Mrs. Wu Chia-Sui's mailbox.

Please make a subject entitled: "Apply for the RA position-OOO(Name)".  
For those who are qualified for this position, they will be notified for an interview, and more questions can be answered at interview.