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Microeconomics Seminar

Organizer (for 2019 Spring):Professor Ching-I Huang(Email:chingihuang at ntu.edu.tw) 
TA:Lichen Yang(Email:lichyang
at ntu.edu.tw)
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2019 Spring
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
Ching-I Huang (Department of Economics, NTU)

Graduate Student Orientation

2019/2/21 社科306 12:30-13:00
惠 Hsiao-Hui Lee (University of Hong Kong)


2019/3/7 社科608 1:30-3:00

炫 Po-Hsuan (Paul) Hsu (University of Hong Kong)

TBA 2019/3/14 社科608 1:30-3:00

一 (National Taiwan University)

TBA 2019/3/21 社科608 1:30-3:00

竹 Alice Peng-Ju Su (National Taipei University)

TBA 2019/4/11 社科608 1:30-3:00

Benson Tsz Kin Leung (University of Cambridge, INET Institute)

TBA 2019/4/18 社科608 1:30-3:00

穎 Chung-Ying Lee (National Taiwan University)

TBA 2019/4/25 社科608 1:30-3:00

Federico Revelli (University of Torino, Italy)

TBA 2019/5/16 社科608 1:30-3:00

宏 Ming-Hung Tsai (National Chung Cheng University)

TBA 2019/5/23 社科608 1:30-3:00

泰 Wen-Tai Hsu (Singapore Management University)

  2019/6/6 社科608 1:30-3:00

Speaker Topic Date Location Time
Yusen Sung (Department of Economics, NTU) Instructional talk 2018/9/13 社科608 1:30-3:00
Susumu Imai (Hokkaido Univ.) Identification and Estimation of Differentiated Products Models using Market Size and Cost Data 2018/9/27 社科608 1:30-3:00
紀建名(Chien-Ming Chi)
(PhD student, Department of Economics, NTU)
Online Clustering of High-Dimensional Contextual Bandits Using Statistical Tools 2018/10/04 社科608 1:30-3:00

Christoph Engel(Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)

Heterogeneous Treatment Effects, Machine Learning, and Experiment Design 2018/10/18 社科302 3:30-5:00
Matthew Chao (Williams College) Regulating Conflicts of Interest through Public Disclosure and Social Image Incentives 2018/10/25 社科608 1:30-3:00
江品慧(Piin-Hueih Chiang)
(Department of Economics, National Chengchi University)
Does multimarket contact affect price dispersion? Evidence from the airline industry 2018/11/01 社科608 1:30-3:00
楊智鈞(Chih-Chun Yang) 
(Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)
Rationalizable Bidding in Second-price Auction and English Auction 2018/11/08 社科608 1:30-3:00
鄭瑞泰(Ritesh Jain)
(Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)
Virtual Implementation in Nash Equilibrium: Complete Information 2018/11/22 社科608 1:30-3:00
胡偉民(Wei-Min Hu)
(Department of Public Finance, National Chengchi University)
The Diaoyu/Senkayu Islands Incident and the Effects of the Chinese Boycott of Japanese Cars: historical Persistence and Nationalism 2018/11/29 社科608 1:30-3:00
楊子霆(Tzu-Ting Yang)
(Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)
歷史課綱對國族認同的影響: 以「認識台灣」教科書為例
Curriculum and National Identity: Evidence from the 1997 Curriculum Reform in Taiwan
2018/12/20 社科402 1:30-3:00
曾中信(Chung-Hsin Tseng)
 (PhD student, 
Department of Economics, NTU)
The Impact of Inheritance on Wealth Distribution: Evidence from Population Registers 2018/12/27 社科608 1:30-3:00
2018 Spring
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
Shih En Lu (Simon Fraser University) Monotonic Cheap Talk 2018/3/8 社科604 1:45-3:15
Ho Cheung Cheng (National Central University) Legal Environment and Contractual Choice 2018/3/15 社科604 1:45-3:15
Yi Lee (National Tsing Hua University) Decomposing Firm-Product Appeal: How important is Consumer Taste? 2018/4/12 社科604 1:45-3:15
Loretta Fung (National Tsing Hua University) The Impact of Immigrant Business Ownership on International Trade 2018/4/26 社科604 1:45-3:15
紀建名(PhD student, National Taiwan University) Asymptotic Expression for the Mean Squared Prediction Error of Self-Exciting Threshold Autoregressive Models 2018/5/3 社科604 1:45-3:15
Shinn-Shyr Wang (National Chengchi University) Am I in the Right Link to Entrepreneurial Success? 2018/5/10 社科604 1:45-3:15
Meng-Chi Tang (National Chung Cheng University) Physicians' Supply under Global Budgeting : Empirical Evidence for the Treadmill Effect 2018/5/24 社科604 1:45-3:15
David Dillenberger (University of Pennsylvania) Additive-Belief-Based Preferences 2018/5/31 社科604 1:45-3:15
林正峯(National Taiwan University) The Manipulation of the Social Opinion on a Simple Network 2018/6/7 社科604 1:45-3:15
Lin Tian (Columbia University) Division of Labor and Productivity Advantage of Cities: Theory and Evidence from Brazil 2018/6/14 社科604 1:45-3:15

2017 Fall
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
Chen-Ying Huang (Department of Economics, NTU) Instructional talk 2017/9/21 社科研605 1:45-3:15
Hendrik Rommeswinkel (Department of Economics, NTU) Conditionally additive utility representations 2017/9/28
社科研605 1:45-3:15
Tzu-Ting Yang (Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica) 經濟成長、薪資停滯?初探台灣實質薪資與勞動生產力成長脫勾之成因
 Joint with history seminar
社科302 3:30-5:00
intro4 intro5  
Liwen Hung (Department of Economics, NTU) Labor Migration with Remittance and Income Inequality 2017/10/12
社科研605 1:45-3:15
Meng-Yu Liang (Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica) Costly Self-Control and Limited Willpower 2017/10/26
社科研605 1:45-3:15
intro2 intro4
Yu-Hsuan Su (Graduate Institute of Development Studies, NCCU) Children's Health Behavior and New Preventative Health Products in Rural China
社科研605 1:45-3:15
intro4 intro5 intro6
Patrick DeJarnette (Department of Economics, NTU) Risky Choices Over Goods 2017/11/30
社科研605 1:45-3:15
Suewei Lin (Institute of Molecular Biology, Academia Sinica) Bending the Hungry Mind of the Fruit Fly
Starting from 2:00
社科研605 2:00-3:15
Chen-gia Tsai (Graduate Institute of Musicology, NTU) 音樂的酬賞效果
Will be delivered in Mandarin with some explanations in English
社科研604 1:45-3:15
Ching-Jen Sun (Department of Economics, Deakin University) Condorcet-Winning Public Information in Oligopolistic Markets
社科研604 1:45-3:15
Noah Myung (University of Virginia) Experimental Investigation of Information Sharing Among Competitors 2017/12/28






Chun-Ting Chen (Department of Economics, NTU)
Coordination in Social Network
社科研604 1:45-3:15
Bard Harstad (University of Oslo)  Pledge-and-Review Bargaining 2018/1/30 社科研605 10:20-12:10

2017 Spring
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
王道一(臺大經濟系) Instructional talk 2017/2/23 社科604 1:45-3:15
王道一(臺大經濟系) Thesis Adviser Orientation (指導教授說明會) 2017/3/2 社科201 12:20-3:20
Kalyan Chatterjee (Penn State 賓州州立大學) Triggering Extremism: Political Consequences of Profit-Seeking Media 2017/3/9 社科604 1:45-3:15
Intro2 Intro3 Intro4
Tren Huang (NTU-Psych 台灣大學心理系黃從仁) Big Data in Psychology (心理學中的大數據)-Ⅰ 2017/3/16 社科604 1:45-3:15
Intro1 Intro4 Intro7
Intro2 Intro5 Intro8
Intro3 Intro6  
Tren Huang (NTU-Psych 台灣大學心理系黃從仁) Big Data in Psychology (心理學中的大數據)-Ⅱ 2017/3/23 社科604 1:45-3:15
Tianxi Wang (汪天喜,英國Essex大學助理教授) A New Approach to Bank Liquidity 2017/4/13
Chun-Hsien Yeh (Sinica 中研院葉俊顯) Relations Between the Central Rules in Bankruptcy Problems: 
A Strategic Implement Perspective
Benjamin Golub
(Harvard University)
Signaling, Stigma, and Silence in Social Learnin 2017/5/18
社科307 1:45-3:15
intro2 intro3
Chien-Te Wu (NTU-OT 台灣大學職治系吳建德) How Does Your Political Color “Dye” Your Trust ? 2017/5/25
社科604 1:45-3:15
intro2 intro3 intro4
Piin-Hueih Chiang (NCCU 政治大學江品慧) Timing Competition of Asymmetric Complements 2017/6/1


Shu-Heng Chen (NCCU 政治大學陳樹衡) Cognitive Capacity and Earnings Performance: Evidence from Double Auction Market Experiment 2017/6/8
社科604 1:45-3:15
intro2 intro3 intro4
Chia-Wen Chen (Sinica-RCHSS 中研院人社中心陳嘉雯) Energy Consumption and Prosocial Behavior 2017/6/15
intro2 intro5 intro8
intro3 intro6  

2016 Fall
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
王道一(臺大經濟系) Instructional talk 2016/9/22 社科605 1:45-3:15
Jyun-Ying (Trent) Fu (HK Polytech 香港理工大學傅浚映) Not Agreeing Isn't the Same as Disagreeing: How Directors Try To Balance Competing Stakeholder Demands 2016/9/29 社科605 1:45-3:15
intro 1 intro 2
Pei-Yu Melody Lo (SHUFE 上海財大羅珮瑜) Reputation and Competition among Information Intermediaries 2016/11/3 社科605 1:45-3:15
intro 1

Hans-Bernd Schafer (Bucerius Law School)

Economic Analysis of Takings Law: Reexamination




intro 1 intro 2 intro 3
intro 4 intro 5 intro 6
Wei-Shiun Chang (NCKU-IIMBA 成功大學張巍勳) Other Regarding Preferences: Experiments on Purchasing Behavior


社科605 1:45-3:15
intro 1 intro 2 intro 3
intro 4 intro 5 intro 6
Jie Gong (NUS 新加坡國立大學貢潔) Adolescent Environment and Noncognitive Skills


社科605 1:45-3:15
intro 1
intro 2 intro 3 intro 4
Tsung-Chih Lai (Ph.D. candidate of Department of Economics, NTU) Estimating Counterfactual Treatment Effects to Assess External Validity 2016/12/15 社科605 1:45-3:15
intro 1
Meng-Chi Tang (CCU 中正大學唐孟祺) Medical Provider Agency and Pharmaceutical Demand with Universal Coverage: Evidence from Taiwan 2016/12/22 社科605 1:45-3:15
intro 1 intro 2 intro 3
Edward Kung (UCLA 加州大學洛杉磯分校) Interest Rates and Housing Market Dynamics in a Housing Search Model 2016/12/29 社科605 1:45-3:15
intro 1 intro 2 intro 3

 2016 Spring
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
Daniel Martin (Northwestern MEDS) Consumer Theory with Inattention to Prices 2016/3/3 社科305 1:30-3:00
導讀一 導讀二 導讀三
Chih-Chun Yang (IEAS 中研院經濟所楊智鈞) Implementation in Iterated Elimination of Weakly Dominated Strategies 2016/3/10 社科305 1:30-3:00
導讀一 導讀二 導讀三
Yu-Sung Tu (NTU台大經濟系凃又菘) Evolutionarily Stable Preferences Against Multiple Mutations 2016/3/24 社科305 1:30-3:00
Jin-Lung Lin (NDHU 東華財金系林金龍) Learning to analyze big data: some personal experiences 2016/4/14 社科305 1:30-3:00
Natsuki Arai(International Business Department, National Chengchi University) The Effects of Monetary Policy Announcements at the Zero Lower Bound 2016/4/21 社科306 1:30-3:00
導讀一 導讀二 導讀三
Hsin-I Huang (NTU-PS 台大政治系黃心怡) University-Firm Deals and Collaborations: A Matching Approach 2016/4/28 社科305 1:30-3:00
導讀一 導讀二 導讀三
Philipp Pfeiffer (Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science) I Want to Know it Now: Measuring Preferences Over the Temporal Resolution of Consumption Uncertainty 2016/5/5 社科305 1:30-3:00
導讀一 導讀二 導讀三
Yi-You Yang (AU-FA 真理大學財務與精算學系楊奕祐) Competitive Equilibrium with Indivisible Objects: 12 2016/5/12 社科305 1:30-3:00
導讀一 導讀二
Aleksandr Yankelevich (MSU) Collaborate or Consolidate: Assessing the Competitive Effects of Production Joint Ventures: 12 2016/5/19 社科305 1:30-3:00
何思賢(台大經濟系博士學位候選人) Optimal Contracting with Subjective Evaluation Revisited 2016/5/26 社科305 1:30-3:00
Yuping Chen (NTU-IB 台大國企系陳瑀屏) Consumer Neuroscience: Decoding the Mind of the Consumer 2016/6/2 社科305 1:30-3:00
導讀一 導讀二 導讀三
Chen-Nan Liao (NTU-BA 台大工管系廖振男) Information Provision Policies for Improving Farmer Welfare in Developing Countries: Heterogeneous Farmers and Market Selection 2016/6/16 社科305 1:30-3:00 
導讀一 導讀二
David Jinkins(Department of Economics,Copenhagen Business School) Trade and Inequality in the Spatial Economy 2016/6/23 社科305 1:30-3:00

2015 Fall
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
王道一(臺大經濟系) Instructional talk 2015/9/17 社科401 1:30-3:00
Cheng-Chen Yang (IEAS 中研院經濟所楊建成) The Elasticity of the Pareto Parameter and Top Income Optimal Tax Rates 2015/10/1 社科401 1:30-3:00
Josie I Chen (NTPU Econ 台北大學經濟系陳儀) Obedience to Rules with Mild Sanctions: The Roles of Peer Punishment and Voting 2015/10/8 社科401 1:30-3:00
Kong-Ping Chen (Sinica RCHSS 中研院人社中心陳恭平) The Seller's Listing Strategy in Online Auctions 2015/10/15 社科401 1:30-3:00
Chun-Hsien Yeh (IEAS 中研院經濟所葉俊顯) The Egalitarian Solution Versus the Nucleolus: A Strategic Comparison 2015/10/29 社科401 1:30-3:00
Ming-Hung Weng (NCKU Econ 成大經濟系翁明宏) Riskier Compound Lotteries 2015/11/5 社科401 1:30-3:00
Hui-Lin Lin (NTU 台大經濟系林惠玲) The Portfolio of Intangible Investments and Their Performance: Evidence from Taiwanese Manufacturing Firms 2015/11/12 社科401 1:30-3:00
Susan Neckermann (Erasmus University Rotterdam) Incentivizing Creativity: A Large-Scale Experiment With Tournaments and Gifts 2015/11/19 社科401 1:30-3:00
Tzu-Ting Yang (Sinica 中研院經濟所楊子霆) Patient Cost Sharing and Healthcare Utilization in Early Childhood: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design 2015/11/26 社科401 1:30-3:00
Wooyoung Lim (HKUST) Does Jump-bidding Increase Sellers’ Revenue?
Theory and Experiment
2015/12/3 社科401 1:30-3:00
Hsin-Yu Tsai (NTU 台大經濟系蔡昕俞) The Spillover Effect of Debt Covenants: LBO Loans 2015/12/10 社科401 1:30-3:00
Myungkyu Shim (SHUFE 上海財經大學) Financial Crises and Equilibrium Uniqueness in Global Games Models of Crises 2015/12/10 社科401 3:30-5:00
Yi-Chun Chen (NUS 新加坡國立大學經濟系陳逸群) Subgame-perfect Implementation: Robustness and Renegotiation 2015/12/17 社科401 1:30-3:00
Joshua Goh (NTU-GIMBS 台大腦心所吳恩賜) Aging of Neural Circuits Underlying Decision-Making Behavior 2015/12/24 社科401 1:30-3:00
James Wei Chen (OSU 俄亥俄州立大學陳暐) Epiphany Learning, Attention and Arousal 2015/12/31 社科401 1:30-3:00
Daniel Martin (Northwestern MEDS) Complex Disclosure 2016/1/7 社科401 1:30-3:00
2015 Spring
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
金善鐸(臺大經濟系) Instructional talk 2015/3/5 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Chuang Yating (UW Madison) Self-Control or Social Control? Peer Effects on Temptation Consumption 2015/3/26 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Chung Kim-Sau (Chinese U of HK) Designing Property Rights of Land in Rural China 2015/4/9 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Chen-Yuan (Joshua) Teng (NTPU) Justice, What Money Can Buy:  A Lab Experiment on Primary Social Goods and the Rawlsian Difference Principle 2015/4/16 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Allan Miller (Haifa U) Aggregation of Intervals 2015/4/23 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Peng Hui-Chun (NTPU) An Experimental Study on Simultaneous Contribution and Threshold Uncertainty 2015/4/30 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Fan Chinn-Ping (SooChow U) To bid or not to bid: An experimental study of bidding behavior in a combinatorial auction 2015/5/7 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Ruilin Zhou (Pennsylvania State University) The Crisis-Bailout Game 2015/5/14 社科研605 1:45-3:00
He Tai-Sen (Nanyang Tech U) PRO-DROP AND PRO-SOCIALITY: EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE 2015/5/21 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Hu Tai-Wei (Kellogg, Northwestern U) Dynamic Indeterminacy and Welfare in Credit
2015/5/28 社科研605 1:45-3:00
Tai Chung-Ching (THU) The Formation of Trust: Experimental Evidence from Network-Based Trust Games 2015/6/4 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Chen Yi-Yi (FCU) Getting Out the Vote: Information and Voting Behavior 2015/6/11 社科研605 1:30-3:00
Jung Hanjoon (Academia Sinica) Strategic Manipulation and Equilibrium Selection 2015/6/18 社科研605 1:30-3:00


2014 Fall
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
黃景沂(台大經濟 ) Estimating the Cream Skimming Effect of School Choice 2014/10/9 社科研401 1:30-3:00
彭喜樞(中研院經濟所) Chinese firm dynamics and the role of ownership type: A conditional estimation approach of the Asymmetric Exponential Power (AEP) density 2014/11/6 社科研401 1:30-3:00
楊春雷(中研院社科所) Assortative Matching and Virtue Role Models: Theory, Experiment and Confucian Cultural Evidence 2014/11/13 社科研401 1:30-3:00
梁孟玉(中研院經濟所 ) Partnership Dissolution when Efficiency Warrants Multiple Owners 2014/11/27 社科研401 1:30-3:00
Yuan Ju (University of York) Rational Bargaining in Games with Coalitional Externalities (joint work with P. Borm and D. Wettstein) 2014/12/11 社科研401 1:30-3:00
黃智聰(政大財政) Does Fiscal Transparency Matter to Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in China? Evidence from Spatial Econometric Application 2014/12/25 社科研401 1:30-3:00
林正峯(台大經濟系) The Social Protests under Different Network Structures 2015/1/8 社科研401 1:30-3:00

2014 Spring
Speaker Topic Date Location Time
施琇涵 (NTU phd student) Consumer Preferences regarding News Slant and Accuracy of TV news program in Taiwan 2014/3/20 社科2教室 1:45-3:15
SunTak Kim (National Taiwan University) Information Acquisition and Voting Mechanisms:
Theory and Evidence
2014/3/27 社科2教室 1:45-3:15
Ivan Png (National U. Singapore) Climate Change in China: Communism is Cooler 2014/4/17 經大講堂 2:15-3:15
Ming Li (Concordia University) Persuasive signalling 2014/4/24 社科2教室 1:45-3:15
何思賢(NTU Econ Ph.D. student) Subjective Performance Evaluation with Correlated Information 2014/5/8 社科2教室 1:45-3:15
Hong, Sok Chul (Sogang University) Accounting for Declining Birth Weight 2014/5/22 社科2教室 1:45-3:15
陳瑀屏(UC Berkley) Decoding brand identity from neural representation of consumer brands 2014/5/29 社科2教室 1:45-3:15
Simon Chang (Central University of Finance and Economics) Decriminalization of Homosexuality and Sex Ratio 2014/6/12 社科2教室 1:45-3:15
Lin Wanchuan (北京光華管理學院) Risk Perceptions and Smoking Decisions of Adult Chinese Men 2014/6/19 社科2教室 1:45-3:15