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Seminar in Methodology of Economics (requirement of PhD Program)

“Seminar in Methodology of Economics” is a required course for PhD students. This course will be held every 2 years by Chair of graduate students affairs committee.  
Credits of “Seminar in Methodology of Economics”  will be accepted when students in Master Program take this course. 2 more things should be noticed:
Students in Master Program should take 2 reqiured seminars which are not including "Seminar in Methodology of Economics”;
"Seminar in Methodology of Economics” is not in any field in the required field table.

TA:Lichen Yang(Email:lichyang at ntu.edu.tw)

2017 Spring (105-2 semester)                                                                                                   
Last update: 2017/2/23
Speaker Topic Date (week)  Location  Time
Pohan Fong
Chair of graduate students affairs committee.
​Department of Economics, NTU. 
 Instructional talk 2017/2/24 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Chun-Hsien Yeh
Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica
 公設與策略賽局的研究方法 2017/3/3 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Chung-Ying Lee 
Department of Economics, NTU
 Getting Started with Applied Microeconomic Research 2017/3/17 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Pao-Chih Cheng
Department of Economics, NCU
 玩遊戲、學經濟 2017/3/24 (Fri)  社科302  13:20-15:20
Ching-I Huang
Department of Economics, NTU
 Journal Review Process and Referee Report Writing 2017/3/31 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Joseph Tao-Yi Wang
Department of Economics, NTU
 Extreme Punishment in the Lab 2017/4/7 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Joseph Tao-Yi Wang
Department of Economics, NTU
 Market Design in Taiwan: A Research Proposal 2017/4/28 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Wen-Tai Hsu
School of Economics, Singapore Management University
 Quantitative Analysis in International Economics and Regional Economics 2017/5/5 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Yan-Shing Chen
Department of Finance, NTU.
2017/5/12 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00
Kong-Pin Chen
Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica
 My Experience in Data Collection 2017/6/2 (Fri)  社科302  13:30-15:00