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NTU - Baptist Joint Online Seminar

2021 Spring
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Prof. Philipp STRACK (Yale University) Monotone Additive Statistics 2021/2/2 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Erik MADSEN (New York University) TBC 2021/2/9 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Todd KEISTER (Rutgers University) Allocating Losses: Bail-ins, Bailouts and Bank Regulation 2021/2/12 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Eduardo DAVILA (Yale University) Prudential Policy with Distorted Beliefs 2021/2/19 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Siwan ANDERSON (University of British Columbia) TBC 2021/2/24 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Ernst FEHR (University of Zurich) The Dynamics of Norm Formation and Decay 2021/3/2 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Robin LEE (Harvard University) A Theory of Stock Exchange Competition and Innovation: Will the Market Fix the Market? 2021/3/4 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Yuen Yuen ANG (University of Michigan) China's Gilded Age: The Paradox of Economic Boom and Vast Corruption 2021/3/10 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Evgeny LYANDRES (Tel Aviv University) TBC 2021/3/11 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Vincent MAURIN (Stockholm School of Economics) Financial Fragility with Collateral Circulation 2021/3/17 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Andrea CANIDIO (IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca) Cryptotokens and cryptocurrencies: the extensive margin 2021/3/18 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Christine PARLOUR (University of California, Berkeley) TBC 2021/3/25 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Dr. Ravi JAGADEESAN (Stanford University) Market Design for a Blockchain-Based Financial System 2021/4/1 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Joel SOBEL (University of California, San Diego) TBC 2021/4/13 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Pablo KURLAT (University of Southern California) TBC 2021/4/16 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Ran EILAT (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) TBC 2021/4/20 HKBU 3:00-4:30
Prof. David SKEIE (University of Warwick) Digital Currency Runs 2021/4/22 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Eduardo AZEVEDO (University of Pennsylvania) TBC 2021/4/27 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Katya MALINOVA (McMaster University) TBC 2021/5/13 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Leonid KOGAN (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Economics of Proof-of-Stake Payment Systems 2021/5/20 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Martin URIBE (Columbia University) TBC 2021/5/26 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Jiri CHOD (Boston College) TBC 2021/5/27 HKBU 9:00-10:30

2020 Fall
演講者  主題 日期   連結 時間
Glen WEYL (Microsoft) Implications of Covid-19 for the Global Political Economy 2020/8/5 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Dr Nicole IMMORLICA (Microsoft) Incentivizing Exploration with Selective Data Disclosure 2020/8/6 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Harald UHLIG (University of Chicago) Central Bank Digital Currency: when Price and Bank Stability Collide 2020/8/11 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. David YANG (Harvard University) Data-intensive Innovation and the State: Evidence from AI Firms in China 2020/8/12 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Viral ACHARYA (New York University) When is Debt Odious? A Theory of Repression and Growth Traps 2020/9/1 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Isa´ıas N. Chaves (Northwestern University) Bargaining in Securities 2020/9/3 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Gérard ROLAND (University of California, Berkeley) THE DEEP HISTORICAL ROOTS OF MODERN CULTURE: A COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE 2020/9/9 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. George GEORGIADIS (Northwestern University) Optimal Feedback in Contests 2020/9/11 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Ye LI (The Ohio State University) Token-Based Platform Finance 2020/9/15 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Roger MYERSON (University of Chicago) STATE-BUILDING LESSONS FROM THE BRITISH EMPIRE 2020/9/16 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Johannes HORNER (Yale University) Too much of a good thing? The dynamics of trust and loyalty 2020/9/22 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Intro 1
Prof. Michael SCHWARZ (Microsoft) Efficient Capacity Provisioning for Firms with Multiple Locations: The Case of Public Cloud 2020/9/24 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Kfir ELIAZ (Tel Aviv University) Cheating with Models 2020/9/29 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. David Strömberg (Stockholm University) Social Media and Protests in China 2020/9/30 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Steven CALLANDER (Stanford University) Policy Decay and Political Competition 2020/10/7 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Christoph KUZMICS (University of Graz) Limit Orders and Knightian Uncertainty 2020/10/9 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Neil GANDAL (Tel Aviv University) An examination of the cryptocurrency pump and dump ecosystem 2020/10/15 HKBU 2:00-3:30
Prof. Shunya NODA (University of British Columbia) An Economic Analysis of Difficulty Adjustment Algorithms in Proof-of-Work Blockchain Systems 2020/10/16 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Jean-Charles ROCHET (University of Geneva and MIT) Taxing Financial Transactions 2020/10/20 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Benjamin Hébert (Stanford University) Externalities as Arbitrage 2020/10/23 HKBU 11:00-12:30
Prof. Giorgia PIACENTINO (Columbia University) Restructuring vs Bankruptcy 2020/10/28 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Julian WRIGHT (National University of Singapore) Data-enabled learning, network effects and competitive advantage (Joint with CBADE, Monash, NTU, and RUC) 2020/10/29 Monash
(PWD 362794)
Prof. Pierre-Olivier WEILL (UCLA) Inventory, Market making, and Liquidity: Theory and Application to the corporate bond market 2020/11/3 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Michael CHOI (UC Irvine) Money Mining and Price Dynamics 2020/11/6 HKBU 12:00-13:30
Prof. Alessandro BONATTI (MIT) The Economics of Social Data 2020/11/11 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Intro 1
Prof. David SKEIE (University of Warwick) Digital Currency Runs改期至2021/4/22 2020/11/13 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Joel MOKYR (Northwestern University) Attitudes, Aptitudes, and the Roots of the Great Enrichment 2020/11/18 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Richard HOLDEN (University of New South Wales) The ICO Paradox: Transaction Costs, Token Velocity, and Token ValueCancelled 2020/11/19 HKBU 12:30~2:00
Prof. Juuso Välimäki (Aalto University) Correlation in Contests 2020/11/24 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Gabriel CARROLL (Stanford University) Dynamic Incentives in Incompletely Specified Environments 2020/11/26 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Andrew Rhodes (Toulouse School of Economics) Platform Design when Sellers Use Pricing Algorithms 2020/12/3 Monash
(PWD 225199)
Prof. Thomas MARIOTTI (Toulouse School of Economics) Competitive Nonlinear Pricing under Adverse Selection 2020/12/8 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Marcel FAFCHAMPS (Stanford University) Intrahousehold Consumption Allocation and Demand for Agency: A Triple Experimental Investigation 2020/12/9 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Tat-How Teh (National University of Singapore) Platform Governance 2020/12/10 Monash
(PWD 225199)
Prof. Kailing Shen (Australian National University) Job Application Porforlios: Evidence from Chinese University Graduates 2020/12/17 HKBU 12:30~2:00
Prof. Yann KOBY (Brown University) The Reversal Interest Rate 2020/12/22 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Hulya Eraslan (Rice University) Optimal Group Testing with Heterogeneous Risks 2021/1/7 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. John GEANAKOPLOS (Yale University) General Equilibrium Outside the Edgeworth Box: Debt, Fragility, and Multiplicity 2021/1/14 HKBU 9:00-10:30

2020 Spring
演講者  主題 日期   連結 時間
Prof. Chien-Chiang WANG (NTU) Cryptocurrency, Imperfect Information, and Fraud 2020/4/15 HKBU 2:30-4:00
Dr. Russell WONG (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond) Disintermediating the Federal Funds Market 2020/4/17 HKBU 10:30-12:00
Prof. Wooyoung LIM (HKUST) Bargaining and Time Preference: An Experimental Study 2020/4/22 HKBU 2:30-4:00
Prof. Junichiro ISHIDA (OSAKA University) Reputation Concerns in Risky Experimentation 2020/4/28 HKBU 2:30-4:00
Prof. Matthias DAHM (Univeristy of Leicester) Affirmative Action through Endogenous Set-Asides 2020/5/5 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Ernest LAI (Lehigh University) Preferences vs. Strategic Thinking: An Investigation of the Causes of Overcommunication 2020/5/7 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Hülya ERASLAN (Rice University) Efficiency with Political Power Dynamics and Costly Policy Change 2020/5/12 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Konstantin SONIN (University of Chicago) Persuasion on Networks 2020/5/13 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Ming LI (Concordia University) Persuasion Bias in Science: An Experiment on Strategic Sample Selection 2020/5/19 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Linda SCHILLING (Ecole Polytechnique) Cryptocurrencies, Currency Competition, and the Impossible Trinity 2020/5/26 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Peter NORMAN (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) A Search model of Statistical Discrimination 2020/5/29 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Daniel CHEN (Toulouse School of Economics) Stereotypes in High-Stakes Decisions: Evidence from U.S. Circuit Courts 2020/6/2 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Yoram HALEVY (University of Toronto) Hard-to-Interpret Signals 2020/6/5 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Jacques CREMER (Toulouse School of Economics) Migration between platforms 2020/6/9 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Patrick FRANCOIS (University of British Columbia) A Theory of Elite-Initiated Democratization Illustrated with the Case of Myanmar 2020/6/10 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Timothy BESLEY (London School of Economics) Escaping the Climate Trap? Values, Technologies, and Politics 2020/6/17 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Guillaume ROCHETEAU (University of California at Irvine) Bargaining under liquidity constraints: Unified strategic foundations for the Nash and Kalai solutions 2020/6/19 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Guido TABELLINI (Bocconi University) Identity, Beliefs, and Political Con‡ict 2020/6/24 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Ming YANG (Duke University) Dynamic Contracting with Flexible Monitoring 2020/6/26 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Alexandre DE CORNIERE (Toulouse School of Economics) Data and Competition: a General Framework with Applications to Mergers, Market Structure, and Privacy Policy 2020/6/30 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Dr. Yu ZHU (Bank of Canada) Bank Market Power and Central Bank Digital Currency: Theory and Quantitative Assessment 2020/7/3 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Jiasun LI (George Mason University) Bitcoin Wash Trading 2020/7/10 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Ariel ZETLIN-JONES (Carnegie Mellon University) Getting Blockchain Incentives Right 2020/7/14 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Jacob LESHNO (University of Chicago) An Economic Analysis of the Bitcoin Payment System 2020/7/17 HKBU 9:00-10:30
Prof. Yang YAO (Peking University) Markets Price Politicians: Evidence from China's Municipal Bond Markets 2020/7/22 HKBU 4:00-5:30
Prof. Rodney Garratt (University of California, Santa Barbara) Why Fixed Costs Matter for Proof-of-Work Based Cryptocurrencies 2020/7/24 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Prof. Itay FAINMESSER (John Hopkins University) Digital Privacy 2020/7/28 HKBU 10:00-11:30
Dr. Shota ICHIHASHI (Bank of Canada) Dynamic Privacy Choices 2020/7/29 HKBU 9:00-10:30